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We host, maintain, support, and adapt LeaderTracker software to specific client requirements.
Mission and Guiding Principles
Accredited Portfolios LLC was created to deliver information technology that fosters collaborative communities of practice both within and across numerous boundaries which may include organization, geography, expertise, support, or resources. Our services allow institutions, groups and accredited professionals to collaborate on an individual's professional development while permitting those participating individuals, groups, and institutions to create and share professional electronic portfolios.

For Education

  • To improve the cost-effectiveness of information technology in member school systems by providing a mechanism for sharing services not economically or operationally feasible for a single school system
  • To promote interoperability through use of web standards, open-source software, and shared services
  • A way for universities, school districts, RESAs, sponsors, and education leadership candidates (geographically dispersed) to collaborate, negotiate, and support preparation and certifications of leadership candidates
  • A way to document and promote real work done in the real workplace by real people as key components of leadership succession planning
  • A way for a collaborative team to coordinate and align leadership preparation with school and district improvement plans
  • A way for a collaborative team to coordinate and align leadership preparation plans with university programs and certifications

For the Professional

  • Allow individuals to keep and publish their professional portfolios
  • Provide mechanisms to track evidence of completion of key performances

For Private Industry and Private Education Institutions

  • Foster public and private collaboration on open-source technologies that share a common framework but can be easily adapted to meet each others requirements and work processes
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